“Let it not be said that I was silent when they needed me." – William Wilberforce

If you see something, say something

  • National Human Trafficking Hotline: 888-373-7888
  • Discrete Texting: 233-733  [BEFREE]

Donate Items

Lily Pad Haven accepts donated items to feed and clothe our guests and provide supplies necessary for daily living. We often need specific household items or professional services such as dental or vision care and beauty services. Contact us for a list of current items you or your organization may provide.

Some items we typically need:

  • Tickets - Movie tickets, event tickets, activity admission tickets
  • Welcome bags – made using a lunch bag to put the items in and include such things as a journal, wall calendar, pocket calendar, devotionals, lotion, gum, pens, highlighters, calculator, notepad
  • Pampering paper bag – a paper bag filled with paper items such as toilet paper, paper towels, napkins, female hygiene products, Kleenex, laundry detergent, fabric softener, bleach, dishwashing soap, liquid hand wash, lotion, toothpaste, toothbrush, deodorant, body wash, body washing sponge
  • Food for friends – Grocery bag filled with canned and boxed items that have a long shelf life

Sponsor a House

Housing is at the center of our mission. Properties that can be donated or made available to Lily Pad Haven to further this mission:

  • Donate a small home to be utilized
  • Purchase a small home to be utilized
  • Assist with the up-fit of a home
  • Provide ongoing maintenance of one or more houses

Sponsor a Guest

Individuals & organizations might like to sponsor a Guest and assist with their monthly needs:

  • Food - $50 per week per guest
  • Utilities - approximately $200 per month
  • Phone - $50 per month
  • Spending - $25 gift card per month is given to the guest to purchase personal items and learn to budget
  • Bus Pass - $80 per month

Donate Time

Lily Pad Haven occasionally has work days to assist in up-fitting houses or keeping them in great shape. Additionally, mentors & volunteers are utilized to assist with daily activities and needs of our guests and to provide positive relationship building.

Donate Money

Donations go toward the needs of our guests in our mission to provide food and housing. Donations go directly to the provision of service to those in need. No amount is too small in assisting with our mission.


Call the Hotline: 1-888-373-7888

Discrete Texting Help: 233-733 [BEFREE]