Who We Are

Lily Pad Haven is a nonprofit organization that provides housing for survivors of human trafficking. We have a network of safe houses which can each house up to two guests. Our guests are referred by Government and Non-government organizations that work with victims of human trafficking.

We work with our community partners to provide the services needed for our guests to transition back into society.

Our funding comes from charitable donations of individuals as well as from partnerships we have developed.

Inclusion Criteria

Guests must be:

  • Adults, 18 years of age or older
  • A victim of human trafficking
  • Able to stay in an unsupervised home
  • Voluntarily requesting the housing and services Lily Pad Haven provides
  • Referred by a government or non-government agency where anti-trafficking services are provided

Our Name

The Lily Pad Haven name has strong significance and is symbolic of our mission in many ways. Underneath the luscious green pads and beautiful flowers that make up a lily pad, there is a complicated and intense root system that is determined and unforgiving when it comes to surviving, just as our guests are determined survivors.

Much like the Lily Pad, Lily Pad Haven provides safety, shelter, and respite for our guests who have had many challenging and painful events in their lives. Our hope is that through a supportive, secure environment, our guests can navigate their way through the dark water and “vines” that entangle their lives and lead to the light where their past can be healed, hope can be restored, and they can be inspired to live fruitful lives.